Sabon Is A Senstive Skin’s Best Friend – Sabon Skincare Review

Sabon Skincare review
Visited the Sabon store on the Upper West Side recently because it’s one of my mother’s favorite soap spots. The Israeli based chain is of course most known for its bath items such as shower gel, body moisturizers and oils but I decided to peruse their face care section and it caught my eye.
Sabon uses all natural ingredients that just sounds delightful

Olive Oil
Seaweed Extracts
Shea Butter

I found the entire line to be incredibly gentle – this is easily one of the best lines I can recommend for any of you with sensitive skin. Most all of their products, such as the Moisturizing Facial Cream, claim to actually prevent redness and irritation.
sabon Lemon Mint scrub
I also received a small trial size of the face polisher in Lemon Mint and it is absolutely divine! I picked up a big tub soon after! It smells out of this world and is incredibly effective in scrubbbing off dead skin. It’s my easily favorite of all their products.

If you’re looking to go au natural and are concerned about irritation, then Sabon is seriously for you.

I also gifted myself a bath item I was told they had taken off the shelves for a bit to revamp and I must say they got it right this time! Their Milky Soap is to die for! It lathers so well and no matter which fragrance you go for, the result in the shower is pure decadence.
Sabon milky Soap review

If you’re looking for a gift for that special guy, I recommend the Patchouli (Yes…I said patchouli but this ain’t your hippy dippy Woodstock brand – so don’t raise your eyebrow at me! Trust me- it’s the most manly girlie bath item you’ll find out there and he’ll start to request it once it’s finished).

The Raw Truth: Rawpothecary Is The Best Juice Cleanse For First Time Juicers

rawpothecary reviews
Cleansing ain’t easy my friends. It takes willpower, determination and guts. Yes, GUTS! Because if you were to tell anyone he or she was not going to eat solids for up to 3 days, most would break into a sweat. Add into the scenario that the only liquids you’ll be drinking taste like someone just stuffed a salad into a blender, and you might enter full fledged panic. So do yourself a favor. If you’re a new juicer – gives the folks at Rawpothecary a call. Their juices taste like juice, not salad, and have some of the lowest calorie and sugar contents I’ve ever seen in these cleanses. Which means you can add more juice if you’re hurting and avoid the risk of going into sugar shock. And trust me newbie – you’re going to need more juice :) Read my full review of Rawpothecary by clicking below.
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Make Those Eyelashes Pretty (Pretty Lash Tonic & Essence)

Pretty Eyelash Essence Tonic

I figured since I write so many posts about eyelash extensions I may as well also write about the products I use to keep my natural lashes strong (to anchor those faboosh extensions) and also untangled! Anyone who gets extensions knows you’ve got to brush them out once in a while so they don’t get all criss crossed. I’ve been using this Korean product Pretty for some time now and love it. What’s best is it’s a 2-for-1 deal!
Korean eyelash tonic
To keep your lashes clean and neat post extensions – there’s a clear gel and mascara brush I quickly coat my new lashes with. Once it dries it stops any of the strands from going wonky on you.

Korean pretty eyelash

On the other side is the lash tonic, which claims to help your natural lashes grow and stay healthy. If you’re getting lash extensions, you’ll also get the inevitable breakage, but if you keep them strong it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve taken breaks here and there from my extensions and I’m proud to say there are many lashes still on these eyes to boast! I can’t find this anywhere online but I buy it through one of my lash extension salons I Love Lash. Give them a call to get your own!

‘Whoo’ That’s Good – Best Foaming Cleanser: History of Whoo

History of Whoo Foaming Cleanser Review

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my face wash. On one hand I need it – with all the show makeup I use on air – my skin sometimes feels like it has a mask of foundation that needs to be scrubbed off at the end of the day. On the other hand, my skin tends to be dry and many cleansers strip it, making it feel so taut and robbed of moisture. That’s why I’m calling The History of Whoo Foaming Cleanser a serious game change. The consistency of this cleanser is unreal – so luxurious and silky. To be honest it felt so “soft” I was scared it might be too “heavy” and make me break out, but that simply wasn’t the case. It’s also called the Gongjinhyang cleanser- which it boasts is a “secret Royal court formula” – so you can feel hella bougie when using it :) It also says it contains wild ginseng which has been known to detox skin and fight premature aging. It creates a thick lather that really effectively removes impurities and makeup residue and it claims over time to create an improvement in skin tone and smoothness. I have to say my skin never has that tight feeling that often is the result of using a lathering cleanser. I tend to use facial oils to cleanse to combat dryness and remove makeup but this is a foaming cleanser I’m happy to add to my routine!

Killin It! New Favorite Product: Clio KIll Cover Liquid Concealer

Clio Kill Cover Concealer
Just had to give a quick shout out to my new life saver beauty product- Clio’s “Kill Cover Concealer.” It’s a liquid concealer that finishes with almost a powder- like consistency once blended and the coverage this bad boy brings is ridiculous! For those exhausting mornings where no amount of caffeine will do the trick- this is your best friend.
Clio Korean Makeup
Two small dabs with the wonderful sponge tipped applicator, and preferable a sponge to blend, and you’re looking like you just spent a good part of your morning using a primer, foundation, highlighter and powder setting.
Clio Concealer Review
It really is the closest thing I’ve found to professional grade concealers in something sold over the counter. I put on a little BB cream and then throw this under my eyes, blend, and dab on a little cream blush and can literally wear just that for the day if need be! It gives you a really refreshed, clean look and it only costs about $20. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

A Juice Cleanse That’s A San Francisco Treat! (Forager Project Juice Cleanse Review)

Forager project review
After an epic trip traveling the California coast for more than a week, I ended up in San Francisco with a new love for foggy weather and delicious green juices! As I’ve blogged before, I love me a juice cleanse from time to time but the green stuff ain’t always my bag (Check out my other juice cleanse reviews Here and Here)! But this company’s unique combination of greens and spices makes for great “fast slow food,” as they say. Read more about my review of Forager Project Organic Juices by clicking below!
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Best Place To Host Your NYC Bachelorette Blow Out Party (Studio 34)

blowout bar party nyc midtown east

It’s your sister-in-law’s bachelorette party weekend. You want to have all the fun of NYC’s clubs and…Uh hem…adult entertainment…But first, it’s all about the hair. How does this sound: Your own private salon party, complete with 3 incredible stylists to give you the most perfect blowouts, or even hair cuts, for your entire gaggle of bachelorettes while ordering in whatever food and drinks you choose for 3 hours, all just for the price of each blow out? Sound good? Then you better call the affable and talented guys at Studio 34 quick before this secret gets out and they’re booked for every weekend this year! Click below to read my full review!
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It’s In The Bag! Artbag Leather Repair Update

Artbag review
Just wanted to give an update now that I’ve received my bags from Artbag. I initially reviewed the leather repair shop on Madison Avenue HERE and was impressed by their attentive service. And now I’m impressed by their work! My bags look amazing!
Nyc leather Repair
I coated the bag above so the leather won’t get stained and the color wasn’t altered at all and looks beautiful.
Artbag nyc
The other bag needed to be repaired after the buckle on the shoulder strap broke.
Artbag madison Avenue
Well they did a gorgeous job and the buckles they chose look exactly the same! They even gave me a 20% off coupon for my next repair or service. So merci beaucoup to the best bag men in the biz! If you need a bag fixed or spruced up or protected – Don’t hesitate to give them a visit!

Free Brow Shaping by Boom Boom Brow Bar May 6th

ricky's nyc coupon

I’ve been singing Boom Boom Brow Bar’s praises for years now (Check out my first full review HERE). No one does brows like Boom Boom. It’s got everything a real brow shaper should have in nyc. Convenience (no appointments necessary just walk in and you never have to wait long because there are 4 stations), affordability ($24 a wax), cleanliness, painless primping (their brow artist are FAST), and a fun atmosphere (uh, hello bras hanging on the chandeliers and music on blast).
I know for some of you East Side gals, heading down towards the West Village can be a challenge – so lucky for you Boom Boom is opening up in Ricky’s on May 6th in Gramercy!
And it gets better….the first 40 people to show up to the grand Opening on that tuesday will get a free brow wax! And not just any brow wax – they get their brows shaped by Malynda Vigliotti – owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar!

So mark it in your calendars – May 6th 4-6pm

Ricky’s Gramercy at 27th Street – 373 Third Avenue/212-253-7114

Check out what founder Malynda Vigliotti has to say about the latest brow trends HERE.

Malynda Vigliotti Boom Boom Brow Bar

Best nyc brow shaper

And see her in action: